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Queens New York Real Estate Trends 2024

Predicting Queens New York Real Estate Trends for 2024 Predicting real estate trends with precision is always challenging, but based on present data and expert opinions, here’s a glimpse into what the Queens market might hold for 2024: Prices: Inventory: Market: Here are some additional aspects to consider: Remember, these are just predictions, and the … Read more

Queens, New York Real Estate Trends – December 2023

Here’s a recap of the key trends shaping Queens’ real estate market in December 2023: Prices: Inventory: Market conditions: Additional insights: Overall, December 2023 presented a shifting landscape in Queens’ real estate market. With increased inventory, slower sales, and price adjustments, the power dynamics seem to be moving towards buyers. Do you have any specific … Read more

Fresh Meadows Sold Property Median Price for 1-Family Properties

Date Range Current Available Inventory – 52Current Median List Price – $998,500 Month Current Year Prior Year % Change Nov-2023 $912,500 $931,500 -2.0 Oct-2023 $924,000 $933,000 -1.0 Sep-2023 $930,000 $930,000 0.0 Aug-2023 $947,500 $918,000 3.2 Jul-2023 $950,000 $910,000 4.4 Jun-2023 $960,000 $910,000 5.5 May-2023 $960,000 $908,000 5.7 Apr-2023 $960,000 $905,000 6.1 Mar-2023 $950,000 $908,000 4.6 … Read more

Queens Home Seller Tips

1. Clean up your daily / personal clutter in the kitchen, closets, storage spaces and some furniture qualifies as clutter. Don’t take ‘cleaning up’ your home personally, as it’s all about enabling the buyer to become attached to your home as you detach from it. 2. Fix up the interior by painting rooms that need … Read more

6 Queens neighborhoods that are among the best home seller’s markets in New York: StreetEasy report

Six of the 10 most seller-friendly residential markets throughout New York City for 2018 are located in Queens, according to a new real estate report. Flushing was flagged as the No. 1 seller’s market for 2018 in StreetEasy’s Trends & Data report, published on March 8. In this neighborhood, residential properties spent an average of 52 days on … Read more