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Nassau County NY Real Estate Sales Trends (February 2024)


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Here’s a summary of Nassau County real estate sales trends for February 2024:

  • Sales volume: The number of homes sold or pending in Nassau County dropped by 25.6% compared to January, reaching a total of 548. This could be attributed to seasonal fluctuations or other market factors.
  • Price competitiveness: Interestingly, 53% of homes sold below the asking price, while only 34% sold above asking price. This suggests a slight shift towards a buyer’s market compared to previous months.
  • Inventory: While data on specific inventory changes is not readily available for February, January 2024 saw a decrease in available listings compared to December 2023.

It’s important to note that February is a shorter month and sales volume often dips slightly compared to other months.

Additionally, reliable data on specific metrics like median sales price or days on market for February might not be readily available yet, as reports are often compiled monthly and released with a slight delay.

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