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Queens, New York Real Estate Trends – December 2023


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Here’s a recap of the key trends shaping Queens’ real estate market in December 2023:


  • Median sold price: $677,857 (down 3.2% from the previous year)
  • Median listing price: $575,000 (down 1.7% year-over-year)
  • Sale-to-list price ratio: 97.19% (buyers gaining slightly more negotiating power)


  • Available inventory: 4.1% increase compared to December 2022, offering more options for buyers.
  • Median days on market: 83 days (a 12.4% rise compared to the previous year, possibly indicating slower sales pace).

Market conditions:

  • Shifting towards a buyer’s market: Increased inventory and lower prices suggest a transition from a seller’s market.
  • Sales activity: Declined by 16% compared to previous periods.
  • Pricing trends: 65% of properties sold below asking price, further supporting a buyer’s advantage.

Additional insights:

  • Two-bedroom homes experienced the steepest price decline (5.7%), while five-bedroom houses saw the biggest jump in available listings (8.5%).
  • The Queens market witnessed a slowdown in sales compared to earlier months in 2023.

Overall, December 2023 presented a shifting landscape in Queens’ real estate market. With increased inventory, slower sales, and price adjustments, the power dynamics seem to be moving towards buyers.

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