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Find Out How Much Your Queens Home Is Worth


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The first step to selling a house in Queens is knowing how much the property is worth.

This valuation is very important because it helps you and your family plan for the next steps with a realistic sale price expectation. You can go about this in one of following two ways:

1) You can hire an independent appraiser to conduct an appraisal for you (this typically costs about $300-$400).


2) You can have a local Realtor come by and tell you what the property is worth (typically free of charge).

If you decide to go the Realtor route, make sure you get at least two opinions because some agents are more thorough than others. Either way, this should give you a good idea of the value.

Note: “Appraised Value” is different from “Market Value” so the objective is just to get an idea of the appraised value. Ultimately you won’t know the true “market value” until you hit the market and open the bidding up to all interested parties.

This is your first step in knowing how to sell your house in Queens NY.

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