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Nassau County New York Real Estate Trends (January 2024)


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In January 2024, the Nassau County real estate market exhibited interesting dynamics. Let’s delve into the trends and insights:

  1. Median Sale Price:
    • The median sale price of a home in Long Island (which includes Nassau County) was $649,000, reflecting a 10.9% increase compared to the previous year.
    • The median sale price per square foot in Long Island stands at $413, showing a 9.5% rise year-over-year.
  2. Market Competitiveness:
    • Approximately 0.6% of homes sold above the list price, indicating a competitive market where buyers are willing to pay premiums for desirable properties.
    • The average days on market for homes in Nassau County is 68, suggesting a relatively quick turnover and high demand.
  3. Buyer Behavior:
    • Buyers in Long Island are placing a median down payment of 21.3%, emphasizing the financial commitment involved in real estate transactions.
    • A total of 1,802 homes were sold in the recent period, showcasing a vibrant real estate market with substantial transaction volume.
  4. Market Forecast:
    • Experts predict that Long Island’s housing market will continue to show resilience and growth.
    • The region’s desirability as a suburban retreat, combined with its accessibility to city centers, positions it well for sustained demand.
    • The ongoing trend of remote work and flexible arrangements might also drive demand for Long Island real estate, favoring spacious homes and properties with outdoor spaces.

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